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Healing Weeks
During an intensive week of Psychological and Physical Therapy, or just pure Energetic Touch Therapy and/or Hypnotherapy, it is quite likely that some of the work may take place outside in the beautiful surroundings that have hailed Payerbach-Reichenau as a ‘Kur’ Resort.  As part of any individually tailored programme, some aspects of the week will be better facilitated by making use of the outdoor opportunities best suited to your needs.  Please note that long, forced marches are not the order of the day!  Indeed, outdoor activity of any kind will reflect each individual’s unique abilities.
The Healing Week is specifically designed to help you find your own unique and individual path to renewed vitality of mind, body and spirit.  It employs both Psychological and Physical therapeutic methods designed to release mental, emotional and physical ‘blocks’ (life-scripts, core beliefs & physically traumatic events) that have been stagnating in the subconscious mind and body for a very long time.
Used in an intensive manner, without intrusion from the outside world, an atmosphere of meditative retreat is fostered.  Within this peaceful and gentle environment, the therapies are able to work in a quiet and profound way.  The idea of this ‘retreat’ is that each client is helped and encouraged to discover the various blocks or recurring life patterns that keep sabotaging his/her life.

‘Healing Weeks’ takes place in the beautiful scenery and pure air of the Austrian Rax Alps.
This beautiful area in Lower Austria is nature’s answer to
a perfect retreat.
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There are many reasons why we find our lives tethered or hindered and we’re not even sure why. 

For example:  It may be that you have chronic back pain for no apparent reason or that you have lost sense of who you are which is making it impossible to engage with life.  The resultant frustration, misery, lethargy, anger, depression or even manic behaviour (to hide what is truly going on) then exacerbates the original problem.

What can a Healing Week do for me?
In the same way that the residue of discarded computer files litters the free space of a computer's hard drive, creating errors when left unattended, so old ‘scripts’, out-dated core beliefs and forgotten events litter our subconscious minds and bodies.  If left unattended, the mind and body eventually also sends up ‘error’ messages in the form of pain, depression or any other of a multitude of physical, mental and/or emotional life sabotaging gremlins.

By learning how to understand, and work with, the subconscious aspects of our minds and bodies we remove old stagnant blocks and allow our lives to flow more freely with renewed energy.
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This Website is designed to provide you not only with information about the 'package' but also to inform you about the various techniques
employed by Sara during your time here.
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